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The American brand The Mountain is known for making amazingly realistic t-shirts. The brand offers you its bestseller - Three Werewolf Moon T-Shirt. The pseudo 3D t-shirt has a high quality! The fantasy shirt will surely impress you and people around you. Made from durable cotton, the image will not fade even after many washes. Shop now at the...

$ 23.92 $ 29.90 -20%
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Terrific Designs from The Mountain - Werewolves Clothing  

Captivating prints and scary designs are in monster clothes collection. The American brand The Mountain offers you the ‘Werewolves’ collection that will draw the attention of your friends, relatives, and even passerby. These fantasy tees are hand-dyed with eco-friendly nontoxic inks in the USA. The images of the dark fantasy shirts won’t fade even after many washes. Made from high quality 100% cotton, the werewolves shirts will last you years. These majestic shirts are hand-dyed with eco-friendly nontoxic inks in the USA, in such a way that the images will not fade after even many washes. A perfect gift for all the dark fantasy lovers! Here at the clothingmonster.com you will find men’s, women’s and kids t-shirts. Get yours now!