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$ 130.00

Hang on to your hat! This fur hat is so warm and stylish, everyone will want to get a piece of the action from Arctic North.

$ 130.00
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The Comfort You Need, the Style You Want, the Look You Like - Hats Collection

A beautiful hat is a special item in your wardrobe. It not only keeps you warm in cold weather but also complements your look. For your cool look is incredible ‘Hats’ collection. The hats look special and fit not just for casual style. It’s important to have the perfect accessories that match the clothes you already have. Wearing these cool hats ensures that your look will be perfect. Consider the right size and shape for your head, when adding the hat to your closet. Discover all available hats at the clothingmonster.com now! Browse also a selection of unisex scarves & caps.