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Men’s and women’s clothing, it doesn’t matter the sex, Rush is for everyone. The Rush Starman Tie-Dye T-Shirt Liquid Blue is must clothing for any music fanatic, especially these Canadian legends.

$ 33.70
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Wide Selection of Rock n Roll Clothing - Rush T-Shirts by Liquid Blue

In the world of drummers there is Neil Peart and then everyone else. For true Rush fans, you know what I’m talking about. Peart is God among the drumming circle, and Liquid Blue apparel pays homage to Mr. Peart and his great music band. When this Canadian outfit first got together in the late 60s it took a while for public reception to really catch on. While talented, their sound was so unique, and the drumming so exquisite, we all had a hard time wrapping our heads around what we were hearing. is especially proud of our Liquid Blue Rush T-Shirts selection. American apparel, men’s and women’s band t-shirts that will keep the music of Rush alive and well in your hearts and minds. These are cool t-shirts, period, and when you rock these music t-shirts in public people will know you are part of a select group, a group that understands what true rock clothing, apparel and music represents.