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Anyone can be stylish, but to be "fashionable" you must have the best T-shirts in the world. No outfit is complete without the incredible Certified For Love T-Shirt. From animal and floral prints to skull and death prints, the options for revitalizing your T-shirt collection are endless.

$ 29.90
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3D Dog Tees, Cat T-Shirts, Wolf Clothes & More in Dean Russo Collection by The Mountain

If you are looking for a bright image, fascinating design and eye-catching mosaic, then the amazing ‘Dean Russo’ Collection from the American brand The Mountain is designed surely for you. The collection includes T-ShirtsHoodies, Crew Neck Sweatshirts, Ladies T-Shirts, Men's Tank Tops and T-Shirt Mini Dresses. 

Dean Russo is the New York artist, well-known for colorful and unique portraits of different dog breeds, cats apparels and more. The collection includes Russo Pug, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Greyhound, Boxer, Labs, Terriers, Pit Bull, Golden Retriever and more breeds. Look cool and attractive in amazing dog shirts! Lots of cats t-shirts, wolf clothing, lion tees, horse tees, shark tees, dolphin tees and other The Mountain’s apparels you will find there. Abyssinian cat print looks awesome!

The Mountain's clothes are also known for their high quality. The images of these amazing shirts are hand-dyed with eco-friendly inks in the USA, and their inks are embedded into the cotton, so that the images won’t fade after even many washes. The cool clothing feature 3D designs that will always grab the attention of people around you. The funny apparels are perfect gifts for your friends, family, relatives or yourself!

The colors of the collection, its unique shapes and symbols all these are the main features of Russo collection. The expressive images with amazingly realistic eyes and muzzles create vivid and bright look. As the artist Dean Russo has told: ‘The connection between us and pet often defies words, but through the use of bright colors and abstract design I convey the happiness and joy they bring to our lives’. The pit bull clothing of Dean Russo will make you feel and look cool. hop now at the!