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Anyone can be stylish, but to be "fashionable" you must have the best T-shirts in the world. No outfit is complete without the incredible Joyful German Shepherd T-Shirt. From animal and floral prints to skull and death prints, the options for revitalizing your T-shirt collection are endless.

$ 23.92 $ 29.90 -20%
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Travel mug is the ideal partner to take your favourite drink anywhere you want without spilling and leaking. The mug keeps your drink hot or cold for a long time. A rubber grip on bottom help avoiding the cup from falling down. Thanks to the removable part, the travel mug is very easy to clean.

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Ceramic and Travel Mugs

We are glad to demonstrate our own vision on how ceramic and travel mugs should look like because of different prints on them from dogs to wildlife animals. If you have a favorite pet or want to make a gift to someone special our mugs with a wide selection of prints certainly help you to make a simple but soulful gift from the heart.

Take your ceramic or travel mug at Clothingmonster today. Get ready to face the day with your favorite mug of coffee or tea!