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For those who want to have the artwork with animal print – here is the amazing Animal Spirit Circle T-Shirt from The Mountain’s new collection 2016.Thepseudo 3D t-shirt has image of bear, bison, eagle, moose, deer, mountain lion and wolf. The animal t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and hand-dyed with eco-friendly organic inks in the USA. Shop now at the clothingmonster.com!

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A masterpiece from The Mountain! The eye-catching Buffalo Thunder T-Shirt is designed for all the wildlife lovers out there! The pseudo 3D t-shirt comes from the new collection 2016.You will definitely get lots of compliments from your friends and relatives on the cool tee. The pseudo 3D t-shirt is made from high quality preshrunk 100% cotton and organic inks hand-dyed in the USA. The animal t-shirt is a wonderful buy! Get it now at the clothingmonster.com!